Legal Procedures ②

◎ At the City/Ward Office

Residence Card (or Alien Registration Card) and/or the National Health Insurance Card are often required for identification purposes when opening a savings account and for other matters in Japan. I strongly recommend that you complete following procedures as soon as you settle in.

① Notification (of Change) of Place of Residence (Resident Registration) All foreign nationals who will in Japan for a period of over three months must register their place of residence at their local City/Ward Office within 14 days of moving into the place of residence. Please note that delayed or false registrations or notifications may be result in criminal charges, imprisonment, cancellation of resident status, and/or deportation.

Required Items
・ Passport
・ Residence Card (or Alien Registration Card)
・ Notification Form
Note: Additional documents may be required.
For instance, those who intend to live with their family members in the same household are required to submit original/official copies of certificates such as their marriage license, birth certificates, and family registers, which demonstrate their relationship with each family member. If these certificates are written in a language other than Japanese, it is necessary to attach a brief Japanese translation.

② Certificate of Residence (Jumin-hyo)
Under the new residency management system introduced in July 2012, this certificate replaced the “Official Transcript of Alien Registration Card” ( Toroku Genpyo Kisaijiko Shomeisho ). The certificate includes details such as the holder’s name, date of birth, sex, address in Japan, residence status, residence card number, period of residence, and nationality/region. Note that if you need the certificate with information unique to international residents such as nationality and status of residence states, please make an offer when applying. The certificate is available from the City/Ward Office for a small fee (¥200‒350 per copy), and can usually be issued on the day of application (although in some instances it can take up to several weeks).

③ Change of Address
International residents who change address must report to their municipal office, bringing the required items listed above, and complete the following procedures within 14 days of moving.
・ If moving within same city
A “Notification of Change of Address” ( Tenkyo Todoke ) must be submitted to the local municipal office to register the new address.
・ If moving to new city from another city
1) A “Notification of Moving Out” ( Tenshutsu Todoke ) must be submitted to the local municipal office of the city that you are leaving. You will then be issued with a “Change of Address Certificate” ( Tenshutsu Shomei-sho ).
2) The “Change of Address Certificate” must be submitted together with a “Notification of Moving In” ( Tennyu Todoke ) to the municipal office of the new area of residence.