National Pension System (NPS, Kokumin-Nenkin)

◎ National Pension System (NPS, Kokumin-Nenkin)

The National Pension System (NPS) is a public pension system intended to support subscribers when they reach the age of 65 (*), or become disabled. All people who are residing in Japan and aged between 20 and 59, including international residents holding a residence card (or alien registration card), are required to be covered by the NPS.
Applications for the NPS are accepted at the City/Ward Office. After registration, the Pension Handbook and the payment slip will be sent to your address. Be sure to keep the handbook since it is an important document which is often required in completing various procedures. The monthly premium for the National Pension is ¥16,260(as of the 2016 fiscal year). Pension premiums can be paid at a bank, post office or convenience store.
Those who experience financial difficulty may be eligible for a postponement of payment or a pension waiver. Note that applications for the exemption must be filed every year.

(*) In general, subscribers who have paid pension premiums for more than 25 years and who satisfy the required conditions will receive the advanced age basic pension when they reach 65 years of age.

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